“Our proposals are based on the experiences gained over the years and, also, on the synergy of interdisciplinary knowledge of the entire team”


Tax and Legal Advising including inter alia:

  • Tax advising with regard to CIT (Corporate Income Tax), PIT (Personal Income Tax), and VAT (Value Added Tax), property tax, and tax on civil law transactions,
  • Drawing up and/or modifying business contracts,
  • Assessing whether or not the contracts/agreements are correct and suggesting, when necessary, optimisation amendments and always taking tax safety into account,
  • Preparing applications for taxpayers and requesting, in their names, Individual Interpretations from the Ministry of Finance
  • Assisting entrepreneurs to set up and close down their businesses, comprehensive services in creating, registering, and transforming trade legal entities including optimising taxation
  • Assisting in planning and the transformations of companies
  • Analysing ongoing operations of Clients in terms of tax and legal after- effects
  • Auditing tax documentations kept by companies, settlements with Polish revenues and Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • tax optimisation: choosing the most advantageous legal structures for businesses
  • Claiming active debts and other money due through judicial procedure

Assisting in transfer prices involving issues, including:

  • Analysing transactions in terms of risks linked with transfer prices applied
  • Preparing documentation for taxation purposes
  • Developing line of arguments to justify pricing conditions in cases of dispute with tax/revenue authorities

Claiming compensation for damages caused by tax and/or revenue administration employees

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