Our Tax Advisory Office began to work in the tax advisory sector in 1994; since then, our Office has been dealing with tax advising, resolving disputes between tax authorities and taxpayers, and with accounting services for small and medium sized companies.



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We believe we are able to help everybody who needs:

– comprehensive accounting and tax servicing,

–  support for planning business and business tax optimization,

– comprehensible interpretation of complex provisions in the tax legislation,

– assistance in disputes and/or negotiations with tax authorities.

For many years, we have placed importance on professionalism and a dedicated approach to every case ordered.

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Tax Law

The beginning of our adventure with tax law: tax and accounting services for micro-
business. Until 1998, it was a ‘WAKAT’ accountancy office run jointly by the present owner of the Tax Advisory Office and his wife (the spouses were co-owners of the office).

Tax Advisory Office owned by the present owner.

In April 1994, the Tax Advisory Office started. Tax consultancy sensu stricto was
added to widen the scope of the services offered: first disputes between tax authorities and our clients were resolved, simple tax optimizations structures were used.

Association of Financial Experts and Tax Advisors (SEFID)

Membership in the Association of Financial Experts and Tax Advisors.

The National Chamber of Tax Advisors

The Minister of Finance enters the Tax Advisory Office in the List of Tax Advisors
run by The National Chamber of Tax Advisors; Registration No. is 08138.

Own office space

The Tax Advisory Office moves into its own property in the 13 Przemyslowa Street
in Zablocie, a revitalized district regarded to be one of the most dynamically developing areas in Cracow.


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